Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is Engaged...Again

I don't even really want to post on this garbaaaaaj because the thing with resident Teen Mom fuck up Jenelle Evans is that she lies - she lies ALL the time...bitch lies so much she's even lying when she's telling the truth!

So the latest lie seems to be that she's once again (for the third time this year lol) met her soulmate!!!  Yay!  Teenage drugged out soulmates for everyone!!!  Huzzah!

What has come out of this lie is a brand spanking new engagement ring and proposal from her latest soulmate - some Kieffah wannabe named Courtland Rogers she's been dating for a whopping two months.  (Check out Starcasm for the dirt on this yokel.)

Essentially brah's just your typical reformed drug dealer with a heart of gold!  He also has a kid like Jenelle that he never sees but (also like Jenelle) claims that it's someone else's fault - His "EVIL" baby mama - whom both of them have been calling a crackhead who kidnapped her own kid on social media for the last couple of weeks.  Not sure who's fault it is that he doesn't pay child support but I'm sure marrying an MTV star will help him out with that shit.  ;)

Winner winner crackhead dinner!

She posted this to twitter >

I give it about three days until she's calling it off because that's what she does she's "sooo upset" and he doesn't "care about her at all" and possibly pulling her signature move where she screams "Leeeeeaaaaavvvvve me alooooone!" until she gets the pot she claims she needs to deal with life.

The aftermath of the engagement that will NEVER lead to a wedding has left several of her past victims/soulmates reeling...Yes, somewhere Kieffah is crying into all she left his pipe-making ass with - his beloved green hoody, Gary Head is awaiting a discharge from the Marines because she said he smacked her around after they got arrested for drugs and mama Babs is screamin' "Dammit Jaaahnelle!  I hope you have fun livin' ohn tha streets witcher boooooyfriend!"


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