Lindsay Versus Dina - The Lohan Shitshow Continues...

Do these assholes not know how to act like some common sense having human beings or what?  I mean really!

About a month or so after Dina showed up wasted on Dr. Phil to slur her way through an "interview" she's making headlines again - she's in trouble for domestic violence after gettin' into it with her mini-me daughter after a night at 'da club.

The two idiots were at The Electric Room (the club in the Dream Hotel which just happens to be where Lindsay was last accused of hitting someone with her car) and when they were leaving (at 4 fucking am mind you) the two lovely ladies began arguing about where the limo driver should take them.

Lilo wanted to go to her NY hotel and Dina wanted the limo to take her old busted ass home to Long Island so she wouldn't have to take a cab lol.

Evidently, that's when the shit hit the crazy bitch fan and Lindsay ended up calling daddy Lohan who in turn called the popo.  According to a source Lindsay was apparently yelling, "I've had enough of this!"

Ugh!  I think we've all had enough of this...

According to The New York Daily News the two were also fighting over an unpaid $40K loan Linds gave Dina because Lindsay makes really good decisions about her finances.  *rolling eyes*  

Lindsay had scratches on her leg and a broken bracelet that may or may not have been stolen.  A domestic incident report was taken but no Lohan's were arrested - the case has already been "closed out."

Domestic violence is no joke but I'm sorry!  Getting shitfaced at a club with your kid (I know she's not a kid but she's Dina's kid) until 4 am and then getting into a brawl with her because you don't want to cab it is cray!  Cray!!!  

(Props for not drunk driving though again, ladies!  Good job!)

UPDATE:  Here's the call between Lindsay and Michael.  Yikes!

Image Via www.instinctmagazine.com

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