This Douchebag got Busted for Having Sex with a Couch Someone Left on a Curb


A 46-year-old Wisconsin man got caught up in a whooole lot of fuckedupedness when he got busted "thrusting [his dick] between the couch cushions [of a curbside couch] for sexual gratification." 

According to the criminal complaint > "...an off-duty Waukesha police officer was out for a jog on North University Drive near Pebble Valley Road when he spotted an abandoned yellow couch on the curb. He observed Streator by the couch and thrusting his hips as if he was having sex with a person.

The officer approached Streator to see what was going on and yelled "what are you doing," which caused Streator to run away. The officer didn't see anyone else on the couch, but the officer realized Streator was thrusting it between the couch cushions for sexual gratification.

The officer chased Streator to an apartment complex in the 2600 block of North University, where he went into a locked lobby, walked upstairs to an apartment and entered. The officer contacted the police department about the incident and discovered Streator's name.

The next day police went back to the apartment and talked to Streator's wife. (SIDEBAR: He's married?!?!  EWWWWW!)  She said police were there the night before, but her husband had done nothing wrong.

Police then went to Country Springs Hotel where Streator works and asked him about the incident. He denied being out, saying he had been at home with his wife and had gone to bed around 10:30 p.m."

The perverted couchfucker now faces nine months in prison and $10,000 in fines.


Image Via www.nydailynews.com

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