Roach Eating Contest Winner Dies (Possibly From Eating Roaches)

In a sad and yucky twist of fate a man has died after winning a roach eating contest in where else? Florida.

The stupid contest was held at a local reptile store, 30 people took part in it (though no one else got sick) and the grand prize was a python.

Is it just me or are we regressing???

Anywho, Edward Archbold (32 - pictured above), downed dozens of the little buggers and collapsed shortly after.  Though no cause has been determined for the death - the owner of the store feels "terribly awful."

The snake is now being held under Archbold's name and will go to his estate so hopefully his next of kin or whatevs digs pythons.

RIP buddy.  Shit way to go.

Image Via www.cbc.ca

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