Justin Timberlake's Wedding Happened

Damn that Jessica Biel and her ass that won't quit!  Damn them both to hell!

It makes me sad that so shortly after hearing the heartbreaking news that Ryan Reynolds married Serena Van der Hobag I had to see this HORSESHIT on a newsstand...


Justin's off the market too now!  Heartbreaking!

They had a perfect ass $6.5 million wedding this past Friday - I'm not going to get too into the details because quite frankly I don't care but here's the cliffs notes for those of you into this sort of thing >

- She wore Giambattista Valli and Justin wore Tom Ford
- It took place in Puglia, Italy
-No one from 'NSync was there
- Guests were flown in by private jet
- He serenaded her with a song he wrote for the occasion
- Jimmy Fallon was there

Congrats to the couple!  I don't think I could've put up with that pop singing shit anyways...

Image Via www.people.com

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