Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Got a New Face

You know what this bitch needs though?  A new goddamn personality, yo!  Who talks to people like she does?

Assholes!  That's who.

Well, this particular asshole wanted a new face so she saved up all her Teen Mom money and had unnecessary surgery on her chin and nose.  The 21-year-old told InTouch that it cost a whopping $16k to get the work done but now she doesn't have to "hate anything" on her face anymore so it was worth it lol.  Yikes!

Though I'm sure it makes y'all warm and fuzzy inside that she no longer hates her own face (she's a model by the way) I'm not so sure this was such a primo financial decision.

The show ended this past season so she ain't getting any more of those fat MTV checks and she pissed away a good chunk of cash blowing her tittays up a couple of years ago.

But hey, college fund schmollege fund - amiright?

Image Via www.toofab.com

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