This Dude Took PCP, got Nekkid, Pooped in a Cop Car and Ate his Finger Off

That...is fucking pretty badass!

This hardcore mofo from Jersey, Jargett Washington, had a pretty rough night on PCP.  Last Sunday, dude got whacked on the drug, took off all his clothes and started, for lack of better words, running amok.

He whipped his wiener out in the middle of a busy intersection, began yelling nonsense and pounded on a few windows.  He then tried to carjack someone passing by but they got the hell out of there before he stole their ride.

Cops arrested him (I always feel bad for coppers when they have to deal with fucked up naked people, you know?) and put him in a holding cell.  Jargett was not feelin' his new surroundings though and started spitting on the cops.  He tried to eat off his hand to get out of the handcuffs but they stopped him and took him to the hospital.

Released back into police custody, he then took a shit in the cop car lol.  Dirty, dirty boy!  Then back at the jail he decided it would be best to conclude his shitshow with a little cannibalism and ate his own damn finger off.

So he goes back to the damn hospital to fix his digit and they'll be keeping him there for a few days.

Crazy asshole!  One can only imagine what his buck ass would've done had he gotten away with that car jacking!    

Image Via www.jalopnik.com

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