Donald Trump Makes his "Huge" Obama Announcement - Turns Out to be Not So Huge

Oh my god!  Trump is loooosing his damn mind, man!  This shit is straight up Dr. Evil asking for one billion dollars - minus the cat...and the mini-me (unless your count that waspy mofo Don Jr. which I don't.)

For a couple of days now, the Trumpster had been touting some sort of HUGE announcement that would be a bigass "bombshell" that would change the election - "a big fact" that he said would rock Obama's world.  Ugh!  Always yakking this one...  

Well, he made the announcement today...and it SUCKED!

The big fact (that isn't a fact at all let alone a fucking big one) is that he will give the prez $5 million to release his passport and college records.  One hour after he is satisfied with the transcripts, he will donate the money to whatever charity Obama wants.  He has until October 31st at 5 pm.

See?  Dr. Evil, yo!

I don't get what the hell he thinks is in these records - did the prez get a C in bio?  Did he flunk math?  I know that I, for one, would be SHOCKED if I saw that the President of the United States fucked around a bit in college!

No, I wouldn't.

I don't think that the big O would even respond to this garbage.  I see what Trump did there with the philanthropic twist and all adding pressure (not to mention giving Trump ammo to tweet that the president doesn't care about charity in the event that he tells him to go fuck himself) but I'm pretty sure the big guy's got more important things to do.  

You know, like "forge" long form birth certificates to get crazy assholes off his damn back so he can concentrate on running a country.  Important stuff like that.

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