Khloe Kartrashian and AC Slater are Gonna Host X Factor

Um, didn't this shit already start?  I remember watching the first ep a while ago cuz I thought Britney might flip her wig and start chuckin' Cheetos at people but I haven't seen it since then...can't remember if there was a host...

(Editor's Note: She never threw any Cheetos.)

Well now Khloe Kardashian (the large and in charge one) has signed on along with Mario Lopez (TWO HOSTS???) to helm the multi-million dollar Simon Cowell run karaoke-fest.

The two start hosting duties in November and stand to make millions from the deal.

Good luck and always remember...

(I don't know what that means but come on, THE MAX!  Priceless!)

Image Via www.igossip.com

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