Video of the Day! Flavor Flav Thinks Hannah Montana is Gwen Stefani

Lol - BONNNNG!!!

Not sayin' Flav is stoned in this clip but yeah, I'm pretty much sayin' that...(I'm sure the two drinks he's holding in his hand aren't helping in terms of clarity either.)  #DoubleFistingWithOneHandisThugasFuck

Check out this TMZ footage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival where he seems fairly convinced that half Gwens fucking age Disney princess slash Pink wannabe Miley Cyrus is the kickass No Doubt front woman.

Oh Flav!  You so cray!  And PS - Gwen, Go on, Girrrrrl!  That's flattering as hell!

Shout out to Kingston!

Image Via www.eonline.com

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