Thief Falls Asleep While Robbing a House Because Crime is Tiring, Yo!

Haha!  What an asshole...

Check out this mouthbreather in Oregon who got coooold busted when he fell asleep halfway through robbing a home.  The dumbass robber had entered the house around 5 am and started loading shit up when he decided to lay down and catch some burglar Zs...problem is, the mofo never woke up!

The 20-year-old was booked into custody after the popo got his sleeping ass up for a ride to the cop shop.  They found items from other homes he had burgled that night, including several cars.

No wonder he was so sleepy!  Bitch was busy!

Once when I was a teenager, I was passed out at my buddy's house with a bunch of my idiot friends and when we woke up one dude was lying on the lawn sleeping with her VCR under his arm lol!  He was a real criminal mastermind that one was...

Stupid people trying to steal shit lol!

Get a job, yo!

Image Via www.gawker.com

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