Wife Shoots Hubby After he Threatened her Cat

Well, maybe jerk husbands shouldn't be threatening their wife's awesome cats! You NEVER come between a crazy cat lady and her kitty! That's just common fucking sense!

In Texas, 40-something-year-old Audrey Dean Miller (cute as shit pic above) has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she shot a goddamn hole in her husband's stomach to "save" her cat.

Haha!  Where you at, Dr. Phil???

Allegedly, the idiot husband had told his psychotic wife that he was going to shoot her cat with a pellet gun and throw it over a fence. NOT nice!

"The husband was trying to do something to the cat and the wife was just trying to protect her cat," said a supersmart police officer.

For some godforsaken reason the couple had been arguing about the cat (one of many they owned) and that's when all hell broke loose.

Police found a bunch of weed in the house lol.

Joe McCatThreatener is alive and in stable condition but after leaving the hospital she locked his ass out so he had nowhere to go.

No word on if the cat suffered any trauma from the incident.  

Image Via www.gawker.com

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