PIzza Hut Wants Your Fat Ass to Eat Cone Crust Pizza Now


I don't even like pizza (well, greasy ass, thick crust North American pizza - I get down with flat bread from time to time), so how any of y'all can eat that goopy shit without a barf bag is beyond me but I will say the sheer manpower that goes into trying to find new things to make it more disgusting is nothing short of astounding.

The "tasty" treats seem to be originating in Middle Eastern Pizza Sluts Huts and have thus far included a pizza with fucking hamburgers in the crust and this new cone crust monstrosity.

Basically, the crust has been formed into cones which are then filled with two of the least italian ingredients ever honey mustard chicken and cream cheese.  It's then sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

The only way that could sound more dirt nasty to me is if Lindsay Lohan crotch rocketed it.

Here's the commercial >

Oh and PS to the stupid intern who actually sat at a computer and typed the idiotic words, "Cones have always filled our lives with smiles, joy and thrills."

No they fucking haven't!

That's just shit writing!  Shame on you!  SHAAAME on you!

Image Via www.brandeating.com

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