Some Crazy Ho Broke Into Bam Margera's House and Diddled Herself

What what?

Bam Margera was the victim of a gnarly home invasion, yo!  Last Thursday a police report was filed on the incident and it goes a little something like this:

Bam says he awoke to a nekkid chick kissing him when he freaked out, threw the girl off him and dialed 911.  That's when evidently she ran out of fucks to give and thought it would be a good idea to drop to the floor and start diddling herself in lieu of booking it the hell outta there.  That's right!  She started double clicking the ol' mouse, pettin' the kitty, jerkin' her gherkin...

Who does that?!?  

After Bam reported her and her vagina to the popo he hung up the phone and kicked the nekkid chick out of his house - Police later arrested her unsolicited masturbating ass near his home (she was still nekkid but not masturbating.)  I gotta wonder > Where'd she leave her clothes, man?  Next time she should bring clothes and put them on just in case she gets kicked out again (not that she should be doing this but for realz!)  I bet the only thing worse than getting arrested is getting arrested in the buck!    

She faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass, and stalking.

Keep it in your pants, ya stupid pervert!  You can't just be doing that shit!

Some people don't like that!

Image Via www.shockya.com

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