The Hump is Getting Sued for Giving Some Chick the Herp

How's that for a headline???

Check it >  The former Mister Kim Kardashian has been slammed with a lawsuit...A herpes lawsuit!  A he-allegedly-gave-someone-herpes lawsuit!  Hahaha!

That sucks!

Some broad named Kayla Goldberg (hobag name) is alleging that the Hump humped her and gave her a gnarly case of herpes.  She claims this happened pre-Kim buuullshit in 2010 when they met at Trousdale nightclub on a fate-fileld herpes laden night...


Anyways, TMZ sez > "Kris came on to Kayla, touching, kissing and dancing with her. Kayla claims he took her to his hotel and they had sex multiple times ... including oral sex. The suit claims during a portion of the sexual encounter Kris did not wear a condom.

The lawsuit claims Kris did not inform Kayla he had herpes -- and she claims in the suit that he did indeed have the disease.

Kayla says a week later she was diagnosed with herpes. Her symptoms included a sore throat, fever, body aches and immobilizing pain, as well as extreme vaginal irritation and painful lesions on her genitalia.

She's suing for sexual battery claiming Kris knew he had herpes when they hooked up and didn't tell her."

Basically she says he gave her the throat slash vadge herp and now he needs to pay!  His rep maintains that Humphries is "herpes free" lol.       

Hasn't this poor bastard been through enough?!?!

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