Epic Movie "Heathers" to Get a TV Version


Lemme start by saying that I LOVE me some Heathers!  That flick was my jam back in the day and believe it or not, was the one movie I thought was truest to high school life (minus the murders and satire.)  The plot encompassed a meaningful message, the acting was stellar and hell, the dialogue spit out teen quotables like a machine gun.  

But that was 20 years ago...

Here's the DL on the redux >

The Hollywood Reporter says, "In the updated take, Heathers picks up 20 years later, with Veronica ([Winona] Ryder's character) returning home to Sherwood with her teenage daughter, who must contend with the next generation of mean girls: the Ashleys: the daughters of the surviving Heathers."

Honestly?  Sounds pretty fucking lame to me.

The program will be helmed by Bravo (who I love!) so points for that but this just sounds like a shitshow waiting to happen, n'est pas?  The world is VERY different now.  I guar-an-tee it won't translate and/or speak to the newer gen...unless that is, they change it - and that in itself would just suck anyways so...what's the point?

Don't think we really need another Gossip Girl.  Just sayin'.

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