Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are Battling it Out for Hot Mess of the Year

Ding, ding, ding!

Let's start with Lindsay Blohan here because let's face it - when it comes to being a hot mess, bitch has seniority.

LiLo was arrested early this morn for leaving the scene of one of her infamous accidents.  Evidently, she grazed some 30-year-old dude's knee with her porsche at a "very low speed" by the Dream Hotel in Manhattan.

Linds headed into the hotel, her latest alleged victim called the popo and when she exited at 2:30 the coppers nabbed her knee-grazing ass (allegedly) and the dude she hit headed to the hospital.

As cops took her into custody she was hilariously frantically screaming, "Call my dad!  Call my dad!"

Ugh!  Don't call that friggin' guy!  He's whack too!  Oh and forget about mommy there Linds - she's over on Dr. Phil losing her shit > Sidebar > Did y'all SEE that Dr. Phil?  Holy fucking shit!

She shouldn't be calling her 'rents anyways - she's a grown ass woman now!  Deal wit it.

She got a desk appearance ticket for the misdemeanor and peaced out without paying any bail.  This could affect her probation but no word on that yet.

Now we have Amanda Bynes - this chick is all BritBrit circa 2007, yo!  Rippin' around all night, suckin' on pipes and talking to inanimate shit...she's been on 'bloid blast for the last couple of months for her antics and finally her parents came a runnin'.

Though Bynes insists she isn't having a "Britney-type meltdown" and says that her parents would never pull a conservatorship power move they are nonetheless heading her way - leaving Texas to stay in LA nearby for a while.

The icing on the crazy cake is that these two have twitter accounts and they tweet superdumb shit about their self-obsessed drama.  Bynes famously tweeted Obama asking that he fire one of the cops who nabbed her for one of her DUIs and Linds scolded Bynes a couple of nights before her latest hit and run writing > "Why did I get put in jail and a Nickolodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?"  PS - TMZ says a friend of Bynes says that she HATES being compared to Blohan even though she looks like her and acts like her and pretends to be her.

I'm no lawyer but I say REHAB!  Table for two!  And a couple of bus passes, but that's prob not gonna happen...

Image Via www.gossipcop.com

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