Rusty SHANK Knife Found In Bag of Jolly Ranchers - VIDEO


That is SOOO fucking dangerous, yo! You know who eats candy? Kids eat candy! Can't just have a bunch of sugared out kids with GD shanks running around!!!

Amy Hu bought the dangerous as shit bag of candy at a Safeway in Cali (not really important but the bag indicates that it's manufactured in Brazil.)

She told ABC7 News, "I was all excited to try them out. Opened it up, ate two pieces first, went back in for my third piece and pulled a [3-INCH EFFING SHANK] right out of the bag and was just in disbelief."  She called the Santa Clara police AND Hershey who offered her three bags of candy to make up for it.  LOL - the last thing she wants is MORE knifey candy, dicks...

The dicks released a statement and said they apologized to the customer and "[are taking] this situation seriously...[Hersheys] believe this is an isolated case and accidental in nature. [Hersheys] will be taking the needed actions to prevent this happening in the future."  They say because they think this is an isolated incident (I should fucking hope so!  Who's shanking each other at the candy plant?  Actually, Willy Wonka always kind of looked like a stabby motherfucker now that I think about it...) they will not be issuing a recall.

Here's the news reel >

Image Via Screengrab ABC7 News

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