Octomom has a Boyfriend

Nadya Suleman has herself a man!  His name is Frankie G and he is ALLLLL sorts of shiny!  He's also a weird color in general, right?  Face doesn't even match his chest and shit...


Anywho, TMZ busted the megamom porn star at LAX kissing the greasy guy earlier and sources confirmed to them that she's been with him for about two months.

Homegirl says that she's celibate and wants to keep it that way for a while but how she can keep her hands out of those neon green shorts is beyond me!  Rawr!

Word on the street is that in her self-pleasuring video her girly bits are all jacked up...That may be why she keeps it locked up - nothing worse than jacked up girly bits.

Octoporn says she met him "through church."

Good luck with that, buddy!  (Throw those shorts away though, you look like a goddamn psychopath.)

Image Via www.usmagazine.com

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