This 400 lb Chick Thinks It's Okay to Wait for Buses Nekkid

...But she is WRONG!!!

Check out this 52 year old, 400 lb peach - Patricia McCollum - girlfriend was coooold busted when coppers arrested her nekkid ass as she was sitting on a bench waiting for a bus.

The men in blue say she had her walker with her but that was about it.  They know her as a local Ft. Lauderdale homeless woman who does this shit from time to time...they even stated that they've warned her to keep her ginormous panties on numerous times.

But she a rebel, yo!

Patricia McNasty did insist that she was simply changing her clothes on the bench so, hey - no biggie.

Lol - nice try, dumbass!  Nekkid on a bench is nekkid on a bench!

It don't really matter how you slice it.

Image Via www.miamicbslocal.com

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