Mother Abuses Baby - Sends Videos of it to the Baby Daddy

Today in 'I'm a sick, twisted bitch' news, we have Kellie Park.

Kellie Park is an asshole to the highest degree because she used to spend her days abusing her 10 month old baby girl, taping it and sending the vids to the father.  He obvi called the cops on her stupid ass and she's now in jail awaiting bail.

Cops say that the 20-year-old mother of two (yes, that's right - she has an older kid she didn't like picking on as much as a baby) sent text messages along with the videos saying:  "I'll fucking break her face in" and "I love abusing this kid."


In her defense, family members insist she's got mental issues and I'm going to have to go on and agree with them on that diagnosis because day-um!  Who does that shit to a baby?!?!?  NOT COOL!

Park is also one of those dbags who posts countless bikini pics on her FB page (which, to me, speaks VOLUMES about a person) and at one point after having the baby she abused she wrote under one, "Soo gladd i get to be sexyy again yeah! =)"

Bitch, you're a lot of things but "sexyy" ain't one of them.

Here's the newsreel >

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  1. i hope they throw the book at her. and when she gets in prison i hope they do those same horrible things to her. evil!!