Lady Masturbates for 30 Mins on Side of Road While Floridians Watch

Oh for fuck sakes, Florida!  Come on now!

Meet Ashley Holton everyone - she's a helluva woman and she thought that on Sunday night she should show everyone just how womanly she is...

So she pulled her car over on Highway 484, whipped out her vadge and starting going to toooown on it!  Classy lol!

Passersby didn't seem to do much about it besides pull over to watch (some even pulling illegal U-eys to do so) but a few people did decide they weren't into the free peep show and called 911.

Officers arrived on the scene but that didn't stop Holton - she's got gusto!  I'll give her that! - she decided not to go peacefully, instead she ripped her bra off, exposed her tittays and kicked at cops.  Holton later said she was giving the cops a "Love Tap."

They don't want your scummy love, ho!

The police report says that once Holton was in jail she continued to 'expose her vagina' and kept yelling at the cops to 'kiss her there!'  Yikes!  Who does that? lol  Shit!  That's pretty funny though!

She's been charged with battery, exposure of sexual organs and a slew of other charges...The report also indicated she MAY have been under the influence of alcohol.

I wish they would've stated which alcohol though because I am NEVER DRINKING THAT!

Image Via www.jalopnik.com

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