This Trick is 340 Lbs and Tried to Steal Bacon, Beer and Chicken Wings From a Piggly Wiggly

Really man?  Really?  And what's with the "Don't hate, bitches" look she's throwing in her mug shot???  STUPID is as stupid does!

Her name is Lonneshia Shafaye Appling and she was busted trying to jack a shitload of Coors Light, a bottle of vegetable oil, FIVE packs of cheese and bacon EACH and two packs of chicken wings!

Damn girl!  You ain't even trying to live anymore eh?

When Piggly Wiggly employees tried to stop her she was all "Aw Hells Naw", pepper spraying the employees and punching them!  Apparently the air was so thick with pepper spray they had to evacuate and ventilate the store. Shit woman!  Those bitches only make like 6 bucks an hour!  NOT NICE!

Lonneshia is a 'career shoplifter' so even though she didn't steal much (it was about $90 worth of food) her ass is going to jail for felony probation violations...

In addition to violating probation, she was also charged with aggravated assault, simple battery, disorderly conduct and obstructing justice.  Two other counties even had outstanding warrants for her arrest!

Thug life! lol.


Image Via www.onlineathens.com

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