THIS is the look! Scott Disick Buys Mirrored Audi Sports Car

For some reason, I freakin' looove Scott Disick!  His brand of douche is at that just right level making him more funny than anything.  'Sa shame he's all hooked into the Kardashian klan but at least he's not with the shitty one Kim...that's...something...

Anywho, Scott has gone out and got him some new wheels!  But this is Scott so he doesn't just buy any wheels...No, no...pimp motherfucker buys a chrome-plated mirrored Audi - NICE!

I don't know about you guys but I spell awesome S-C-O-T-T!  (Oh and check out that asshat Kim whoring it up for the shots in his new ride...ASS...HAT!  Get outta that boss car, bitch!  It doesn't like you!)

Dude lives the life man!  All the Kardashian kickbacks without having to be a Kardashian itself!

Sweet ride!  Audis are the shiz!

Title Image Via www.usmagazine.com
Post Images 1 & 2 Via Kim Kardashian/Instagram
Post Image 3 Via www.twitter.com

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