Penis print leggings are apparently on the "fashion" menu now with Bas Koster's Studio making the peen-heavy leggings for both women and men!  Here's the print LOL >


The pants run about $150 American and look like some buuullshit to me but what do I know about fashion?  I've been rocking the same Westbeach shit since I was a kid.  The only philosophy I go by is 'If you can still wear it, WEAR IT!'  

The pants are called Is that a Cock or Your Legs? and that is just so stupid that I'm not going to comment on it. Other items available are The Legging Disco Dick (a metallic version of the above) and Faggot Disco Legs (ugh - hate that word) - those ones have the word Whore, Cock and Fag on them.  Disco away!

Legging Disco Dick
Faggot Disco Legs
On a side note:  LADIES!  You gotta stop thinking it's cool to be a hobag!  The slutty Facebook pics, the idolization of porn star Kim Kardashian, the buying and wearing of shit that says Whore all over it...

It's getting ridiculous!  It really, really is!

Image Via www.baskosters.com

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