The Original Teen Mom Final Season Trailer - VIDEO

The trailer for the final season of Teen Mom has been released for us to gawk at and shit looks pretty intense!

Catelynn and Tyler's story line centers around their relationship with their dysfunctional now-divorced parents - Catelynn's mom is a crazy bitch who calls her shitty names and Tyler's dad is a jailbird - they also highlight their regret in giving up Carly.  Tyler is seen saying "Sometimes I wish [Carly] called me daddy."

Farrah appears to be trying to get her manz to put a ring on it and is shown moving to Florida.  Blah, blah, boring, boob job, blah...not much going on there...

Maci is shown fighting with hottie baby daddy Ryan and she meets Dalis (Ryan's GF up to a few days ago but they break up and make up a lot so it could just be a hiccup.)  They also show Kyle leaving and little cutie Bentley saying into the phone, "Come back, Kyle!"  Awww!

Amber is the Jenelle of this installment and brings most of the dramz!  Her many court probs will be featured along with Gary's infamous 911 call asking them to check on her as he thinks she may try to commit suicide.  (Sadly she did attempt it, but luckily she didn't die.)

Farewell!  Imma miss it...But I bet my boyfriend is happier than a pig in shit that he doesn't have to watch it anymore.

(He soooo doesn't get it.)

Image Via www.usmagazine.com

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