The Hell is Going on With Lisa Turtle's Face?

Yo, Lisa Turtle!  Fix your fucking face!  DAAAMMMNNN girl! lol

Check out this new image of Lark Voorhies (everyone's fave geek magnet and token African American on Saved by the Bell) from an appearance on The Yo Show.

Some say she got too much plastic surgery with others blaming the fine products over at L'Oreal and a bad make-up jobby.  I'll buy the make-up dealio here because peep this other recent pic where her face doesn't look all jacked up >

Either way it's really not important and I can't really believe that I'm writing this useless post but I was a hella huge fan of Zack and company and I like whatever happened to type shit.

Deal with it.

Here's the interview...

Images Via www.starcasm.net

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