Octomom is Octobankrupt and Now Octoporn is Happening

You guys hear that?

It's the sound of the entire planet going I told you so in their heads...

Tsk, tsk...

Nadya Suleman filed bankruptcy yesterday only one month after she pissed away her welfare on a $500 hair cut.  Girlfriend is broke, in pretty hefty debt, and is now making a masturbation video because apparently she is incapable of making even one goddamn good decision...

You're making us ALL look bad, dude!

TMZ just got their hands on her bankruptcy docs and here's what the genius spent her cash on:

-Orkin Pest Control
-Roberto Robles Gardening Service
-Sparkletts (Bottled water delivery)
-William F. Turner (Attorney)
-Kaiser Permanente (Insurance company)
-The DMV
-Farmer's Insurance Group
-Verizon Wireless
-City Water Dept.
-So Cal Gas Company
-So Cal Edison Company (Power company)
-Sylvan Learning
-Superior Court of California
-Whittier Christian School

Girrrrl!  That's not fiscal responsibility!  Cancel your cable, dumbass...and why's she getting bottled water delivered?  Who does she think she is?  That shit's on tap for free!

So...now what's a struggling, single Octomom to do in such trying economical times???

Sign on to make a masturbation video of course!  SEXY!

Watching Octostupid masturbating sounds about as appealing as shaving The Situation's greasy balls but what I know about porn appeal wouldn't even fill a GD thimble...

TMZ says she's signed on with an online porn company to do the vid and though she vowed never to make porn for cash she says that because it's a solo mish she doesn't consider it video porn...she got $10 g's for that godawful nekkid magazine shoot she did a while back, I imagine for masturbating on video one gets at LEAST twice that *rolling eyes*...

She made no comment about what she thinks of the final season of Desperate Housewives on DirecTV...  

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