John Travolta's Sex Scandal - Now the Lawyers are Suing Each Other!

What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean???

A good start!


No offence to anyone out there but I'm not really down with lawyers, never have been.  Well, more specifically defense lawyers...how they can defend a pedophile or something and set him free to do nasty shit again is beyond me...and yeah I know, I know, everyone has the right to a defense - doesn't change my opinion, just makes it socially unpopular.

Anywho, this hot mess of a John Travolta sex scandal is just getting all sorts of ridic!  Since the sixth (that's right sixth!) accuser has come forward the sharks are now fighting over the carcasses.  At one point, Okorocha was the initial lawyer who had John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 on his clientele list.  He was intending on nabbing a shitload of liars victims who had been "wronged" by Travolta and put his fucking kids through college with the multiple lawsuits.

But then along came that press conference junkie ho Gloria Allred!

John Doe 1 has been proven a liar so he dropped his suit (Asshole!  Travolta has kids ya fucking liar!  Not cool!) and John Doe 2 - who has managed to not get caught lying yet - has jumped ship to Allred because she's more famous than the first dude he hired.

So now Okorocha is suing Allred!  Okorocha is claiming she poached the first two liars from him and she says they solicited her.  So what's a famewhoring lawyer like Allred to do???  In the words of Larry Flynt:

Countersue the bastard!  Lol.

We'll have to wait and see how this shit shakes out but methinks this is just getting waaay out of hand.  I don't totally believe that Travolta has never done anything wrong, but if these accusers keep getting proven as liars, it will pretty much paint them all as liars...

It's crazy to me that this mess is going down like this - but in Vanilla Sky there's a stellar voiceover Tommy Boy narrates:

'What's the answer to 99 out of 100 questions?  Money.'

So I guess even though it seems I don't have answers right now to what the hell really happened, I suppose I do have at least one.

Image Via www.telegraph.co.uk

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