These Gomers on Twitter Thought the Titanic was Just a Movie

Click to Enlarge (Warning:  Extreme Stupidity)

Wow!  Future's looking pretty bleak right now!

Gizmodo wrote up a little piece about a bunch of idiots who tweeted about how they never knew that the Titanic sinking was real...they all thought that it was just a movie.

James Cameron just shat himself...

Granted, maybe a few of them are pretty young (I would die for a TL that blocks out anyone under 25 years old) but do these MFs not watch Discovery Channel and shit?

Here's a few choice unedited tweets:

Is it bad that I didn't know that the titanic was real?  Always thought it was just a movie.

Nobody told me titanic was real...?  How am I just finding this out?!

The titanic was real holly shit im never gooing on a cruise.

That last one's my fave.  Holly shit indeed!

Damn bitches!  Just throw on the news every once in while...it's got some pretty interesting stuff.

Image Via www.gizmodo.com

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  1. Trying again to post, damn lag... They prolly are all kinda young, and it's not a current event that's likely to be mentioned on the news much. I don't even recall it being covered in history classes. Rather than Discovery channel tho, I do know they would have heard about it if they had watched the History channel anytime in April... any April! It's always mentioned & covered due to the anniversary. Maybe there were too many "reality" shows pandering for their attention. :P But then do young'uns still view history as irrelevant like was often the case when I was their age? :)