Pregnant Man and Wife Divorcing - He Says She Punched Him in The Crotch

Oh snap!  Crotch punch!

That's no good...

Thomas Beatie (the transgender dude who keeps having kids even though he's a broke ass), has filed for divorce from his (allegedly) pretty hot headed pisstank wife.  

But aye, here's the rub...

The court papers be airing out ALLLL their dirty laundry and shit could fill up a damn dump truck!

In the docs (via TMZ) Beatie claims that in February he had to try to stop his "visibly drunk wife" from trying to drive their 3 kids to daycare.  When he did she "began to cuss him out and shoved him."  Puh-lease!  Butch up, dude!  I "cuss" at everyone and no one gives a shit!  It's part of my gruff and surly charm, yo...

Shouldn't be driving drunk though - bad mommy!  BAAADDD!

The month prior to that she woke him up at 2 am by randomly socking him in the face for no reason...aw!  Okay - that's pretty mean!

He added that, "[that] night, like every night [Nancy] hovers over me, threatening me with physical and emotional abuse."  He even had to call 911 once because she hit him in the crotch!

Bitch!  That's a total douche move...

Now keep in mind that his wife has filed papers saying that he's the one who smacks her around and that he emotionally abused her so who the hell knows what was going on in that house.

They both sound like lunatics to me - hope the kiddies are okay...not to be a dick (I could care less) but they're already in for some serious ribbing in school and kids can be downright cruel little buggers these days...

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