Nekkid Hulk Hogan Pics Hit the Internet...

The Hulkster's nekkid ass has hit the web!

TheDirty.com has nabbed some screenshots from the Hulk Hogan sex tape and put the bitch on blast!  So rude!

The Hulk's lawyers have his big, muscly back though and are firing off C and D letters to anyone posting the images.  So far, Nik Ritchie (the owner of the Dirty) hasn't removed them.

Their main complaint is that the Hulkster didn't give his consent in making the sex tape and apparently that makes using said images a felony in the crazy ass state of Florida.

Go check out the pics if you're into it, they may not be up long.  You don't really see anything and shit is pretty grainy, I couldn't even tell he was nekkid lol...LINK.

I don't really like to snark on celebs unless they do something stupid that warrants a joke or two, and I actually feel a little bad for him that some byotch taped him without him knowing...but I guess thems the breaks...

Watch out for shady bitches, guys!

Tiger Woods anyone?

Image Via www.ctv.ca

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