Archie from Archie Comics is Getting a Sex Change

This August everyone's favorite redhead, Archie Andrews, will be showing off a little something different in issue 636...


(Well, he won't be showing off his vagina but who wants to see that ginger pube shit anyways?  Sickies.)

Archie President, Mike Pellerito, says that the change won't be due to hormones or an operation but will include some "magic."  Apparently, that powercrazy ho Sabrina the Teenage Witch's cat casts a spell on everyone when it hears Betty and Veronica arguing about who has it easier...guys or girls.  Thus Riverdale becomes Reversedale with Archie becoming Archina and the two leading ladies receiving their very own penises, transforming into Billy and Ronnie.

Very progressive!  And PS - how hot is Archie as a chick???  Get it, girl!

Image Via www.nypost.com

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