Lunch Clubbin' is a Thing in Sweden

Damn!  That's fucking hip!

In June 2010, a cultural phenom started taking over the average joe's lunch break in Sweden, it's called Lunch Beats and it's a noontime rave-type event that's "dripping in sweat and awash in disco lights."  (Extra lovely for those who work in open office spaces!)

There is no alcohol which is kind of lame but going back to work drunk can be a real bitch too.  For the 100 kronor cover charge, you get a tasty sandwich and some banging club beats.

A doorman at one of the Lunch Beats events said, "The first rule of Lunch Beats is that you have to dance.  If you don't want to dance during your lunch hour, then you should eat your lunch somewhere else."

Most likely with the other squareasses in the park...

Image Via www.gawker.com

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