Happy Easter!!! From Courtney Stodden's Stripper Shoes!

Remember back in the day when we'd all chuck on our fanciest, clearest stripper shoes and just fucking THANK sweet Jesus that he was crucified for our sins!

Oh right, never happened...UNTIL NOW!

Yes, it's 2012 folks and it's the year of an informal probation Lindsay, of a moon base promise Newt Gingrich has been wet dreaming of since god knows when (what the fuck was all that about?) and of a less than impressive Housewife comedy show (Ugh!  Slade!)  Well, let's take a moment and think of Jesus while checking out what is now acceptable for an 18 year old girl to do on Easter!  (In case you're wondering what she's doing, she's looking for Easter eggs...in a forest...and under the hood of a shitty jeep - lol.)

Man!  I remember when I first found out I was an idiot when I was a kid.  This chick's up for a RUUUUDE awakening!  (Prediction - in a few years, she WILL have the largest Lucite shoe collection known to man.  BAM Coco!  Suck on that!)

Happy resurrection, Jesus!

(Sorry about that twit.)  Amen.

Images Via www.toofab.com

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