Really Nice Waitress Almost Loses Her $12000 Tip

In Minnesota, over at The Fry'n Pan restaurant, a waitress received a $12000 tip from a patron in a take out bag.  Perplexed at this customer's generosity, in let's face it - a pretty bleak ass world, she followed the guy out to his car to return the money assuming it was a mistake.

But dude was all, "No, I am good, you keep it."

So what happened next?

Waitress McImTooDamnHonest decided to bring it down to Deputy Dewey at the local cop shop and agreed that if no one came to claim the money in 90 days she would come back for it...thing is, a police dog got a whiff of the money and it was tainted with the "odor of drugs" thus the cops were going to keep the stinky money.

Well, Knutson (that's the waitress with a heart of gold) was all fuck that!  She got litigious on their asses and filed suit!

Good girl!

Now, the popo are giving the money bag to her...drug odor and all...AMEN!    

If being a kid taught me anything it's finder keepers, man!  Seriously!  Write that down.

Image Via www.mobile.wday.com

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