Lamar Odom and The Mavs are Dunzo

Pack up all your pretentious K shit Khloe, ya beast!  You guys may not be shooting your new season in Dallas after all!

News is hitting that Lamar Kardashian Odom and the Mavs have parted ways quicker than a krappy Kardashian marriage and he's now inactive for the rest of the season...

Odom just released a statement saying that he will "step away from the team" which essentially means he hasn't been cut - he'll just be inactive until after the season when he may or may not be traded from Dallas.

So far, the K klan (who take up like half of twitter) have kept mum on the matter - Really sucks to be a Kardashian these days...Kanye - take note.

Image Via  www.missexpose.com

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