The Situation Is In Rehabilitation

TMZ reports that The Situation AKA Mike Sorrentino has checked into an inpatient rehabilitation program for substance abuse.  His camp (which I think means his brother) isn't confirming, but his brother PR guy is saying that he "has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule."

(Okay, that was pretty articulate...so maybe it's not his brother...)

Apparently, the cast and crew of the show were getting increasingly concerned as the season went on.  During the camping trip, they noted he was "sweatier" and more "paranoid" than usual...for those of us watching it was pretty weird that he acted like a crazy little girl most of the season.  And remember when his dick was hanging out of his camo shorts for like 5 goddamn minutes on the roof talking to Snooki?  I'm willing to bet some shore store shirts that he was higher than a Lohan there!

Also, that toolbag buddy of his The Unit got busted last summer with some of Paris Hilton's coke on him at the infamous shore house.  I could totally picture those two snorting lines of coke off of each other's chiseled abs and then crotch-bumping each other in their A&F boxers...

Jokes aside - hope he gets the help he needs.

Image Via www.gadling.com

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