Top 10 Jobs That Make the World a Worse Place - A PayScale Survey

A sample of 30,000 working stiffs were asked by company PayScale whether or not their jobs make the world a worse place with answers ranging from Yes to My Job MAY Make the World a Worse Place.  What I found interesting about the survey was the fact that it was from the worker's perspective.

So check out who's all FML at work, the list ranges from the top voted Yes, My Job Makes the World a Worse Place on down.

Fast Food Worker - 42.3%
Bartender - 5.8%
Sr. Attorney - 4.9%
Fashion Designer - 4.1%
Investment Banker - 3.8%
Legal Assistant - 3.6%
Ad Exec - 3.4%
Claims Adjuster/Investigator - 3.3%
Personal Banker - 3.2%
Petroleum Engineer - 3.1%

So it appears fast food workers think that they are the bane of society by a long shot!  I don't eat a lot of that shit because I work from home but they look happy enough when I drop in for the odd Whopper...

Who knew?

And PS - Fashion Designer is really high, eh?  Though it's well known that fashion is a major polluter production-wise, I wouldn't put it up there with grill jockeys, bartenders and lawyers!  (no offence.)

I can't.

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