Gretchen Rossi Talks Tamra Barney on CNN - VIDEO

God knows why she was on CNN...The hell?  The real news must've completely stopped there for a hot minute or something...

Anywho, here's Gretchen Rossi in all her blonde glory yakkin' it up about the recent rumor that Slade leaked out about Tamra Barney's engagement to bathing partner Eddie Judge being fugazi.

Gretch basically says that TMZ and Fox News made the whole thing up...why?  For some real big, real Housewife ratings, that's why!

And exsqueeze me???  But what's this part of the vid where she says she "didn't even know" that Slimey Slade was going to propose all about???  They've been talking about it for two fucking years!  She asked him to do it in front of her family once on screen...

Gah!  Like watching the sun rise...

Image Via www.cnn.com

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