The Octomom Has No SHIRT ON!!!

Evidently Nadya Suleman, the genius who thought it would be a good idea to get implanted with eight embryos when she already had six kids in a time of recession, is proud of herself for losing all the baby weight from her last litter.

She's so proud she posed nekkid (well, in skin-toned panties) for Closer Magazine.  In the interview she tells the mag that tons of guys want to hit it but she's into her kids too much to deal with all the "male attention."

What?  What male?  Jon fucking Gosselin???  Ugh - Stay away from that douche, girlfriend!

But I digress, so - without further adieu...

Avert your eyes if you must because this is your last chance not to look!

I warned ya. ;)  And PS - she's so WHITE!  Why's she so white????  I know she's busy and shit but GTL it up once in a while woman, gawd!

Title Image Via www.telegraph.co.uk
post Image Via www.nypost.com

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