Camille Says She Quit, Brandi Says She was Fired, And Who the Eff is Yolanda Hadid?

Looks like they're replacing one celeb wife with another...

I'm watching TMZ Live right now and Camille's PR guy is on there reiterating that she quit because she wasn't "ready to give it all up" for the show - She didn't want her kids, her divorce as well as her new relationship on the show.  No drama, no housewife spot.

Thing is, the awesomeness that is Brandi Glanville called in too and she disputed the claim that it was Camille's decision, saying that Bravo made the call and that they may not have liked that Camille "censored" herself (AKA behaved like a normal fucking person) the second season, turning off execs.  I hope no love is lost here though because Brandi said that she hadn't heard what the PR guy said before her, essentially meaning that she didn't know that she was calling Camille FOS...  

She also speculated that there could be more let go and Bravo may clean house a la New York.     

David Foster's wife, Yolanda Hadid is apparently set to step into Grammer's Louboutins and in terms of casting, I can totally get down with this!

David Foster is no joke!  NO JOKE!  He's not one of these fake assholes who plays rich and makes a damn fool of himself on camera.  He's a Canadian music legend...a big deal...HUGE.  (Think the guy who won a multiple Grammys for arranging and composing half The Bodyguard soundtrack.)  

He was also married to Linda Thompson (Brody Jenner's mom - I loooove him - swoon!) who has appeared on the show - she's a friend of Shana's Taylor's.  We'll have to see how that shit shakes out...

Watch what happens.

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