Gretchen Rossi says Tamra Barney's Engagement is Fugazi

Breaking Real Housewives news, yo!

Gretchen and Tamra are being douchebags to each other again...

A bunch of Gretchen's stupid friends have gone and told TMZ (allegedly, but Harvey's pretty reliable) that Rossi has been shooting off her mouth about how Bravo was looking for an engagement storyline for next season.  She told her cohorts that she and Slade were originally offered the storyline but decided against it, so Tamra and Eddie snatched it up.  Essentially saying that the engagement is ALL for show.

Gretchen's buddies say that when producers first approached Gretchen and Slade Slimey, Slade thought it would polarize him further with audiences (I didn't think he knew everyone hated him???  Season 5 reunion???)  The friends say that once Shady Slade said no - Tamra snagged the engagement package/storyline out of spite.

LOL - doesn't that just sound sooo Gretchen???  In Gretchen's world, EVERYTHING that Tamra does is to hurt her or piss her off.  It's actually pretty incredible how she can turn anything Tamra does into a dig at herself.  Very impressive!

Anyways, supposedly Bravo is filming the proposal - complete with the same exotic location they first offered Gretch and Slade -

Bravo has not commented on how stupid Gretchen's friends are for opening their traps yet.

UPDATED (same day):  Twitter be blowin' up!  Tamra has taken to twitter and is commenting on the situation - @TamraBarney

She posted the following on her FB page:

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And here's what Gretchen said:

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Gnarly.  Shit's gonna get ugly!  Oh and PS - I'm willing to bet a million fucking bucks that the "source" or "friend of Gretchen" or whatever is Mr. Slade Smiley himself!


UPDATE (same day):  Bravo denies the story.  Says that the TMZ story is totally inaccurate.

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