Anybody Wanna Call a Celebrity??? Dial-a-Star Lets You!

There's only one small thing...

The celebs SUCK!

Here's the breakdown of "celebrity" prices PER MINUTE for new site, Dial-a-star.com:

Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan (Lindsay's stupid parents) - $10 each
Angelina Pivarnick (the Staten Island dump) -  $10
Nadya Suleman (Octomom) - $15
Capri Anderson (described as a former Charlie Sheen porn star - but she wasn't even a goddess so like, what the fuck?)  - $10
Danielle Staub (prostitution whore from Real Housewives of New Jersey) - $18

I also hear that Angelique, that trashy french whore from the Rock of Love crap, is available for a price.  LOL, I can't!

So...my question is...

Why the hell is it so expensive to call Danielle Staub???  (*cough* phone sex *ahem*)


Whatevs, I'm kind of thinking about drunk dialin' Michael Lohan and trying to save him from himself...other than that - LAME.

Image Via www.celebuzz.com


  1. Bet you l can get Michael Lohan to have phone sex with me if l promise to throw in a line of cocaine.

  2. Michael Lohan is in their line-up only to make it not look like phone sex. Another Gina Rodriquez, DD Entertainment "porn star" production. How much will it cost me to tell Michaele Salahi to eat shit?

  3. As for Danielle Staub, at $18 a minute ($1080 per hour), this pays better than having sex (for money) with strangers.