Video of the Day! Degrassi's The Zit Remedy (This One's For You Wheels! RIP)

It has come to my attention that 5 years ago, Neil Hope - Wheels from Degrassi (the real Degrassi not this new bullshit remake one) passed away right near my hometown in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.  Not so sure why it's only hitting the net now but his fiancee said that "...there was some confusion regarding his passing that they do not wish to go public with."  She also said he passed of natural causes at the age of 35 (yes, I know that's young for natural causes but I'm not even gonna get going on conspiracy theories that may or may not involve Snake and/or Joey Jeremiah...)

Anyways, as someone who grew up on that shit (and Catwalk, remember fucking Catwalk!?!)  RIP Wheels!

Image Via www.theresetbuttonforever.blogspot.com

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