Gary Busey Bankrupt - Pissed Away His Money on VHS Tapes

What?  I just saw this guy on Celebrity Wife Swap like a month ago and his crib was ballin'!  However, I do watch me a lot of Real Housewives and they all live in million dollar homes and go bankrupt so...maybe that's just how minor celebs roll?

According to his bankruptcy court docs, Busey owes about a half a million in debts and he only has a $26 Gs in assets.

So...Anyone wanna know what $26k in Gary Busey shit looks like?  Cause I know I do!

He says he makes about $19K a month but spends $22K.  Maybe he should cut down on his VHS tapes lol - 300!!!  I didn't even know you could buy a VCR to play VHS tapes!  I'd be glad to take the Fender Strat off his hands though if the price is right - tweet me Gary...

I'm no financial guru here, but here's some free advice - hows about cutting down on expenses, man!  I know these rich jerks like to spend, spend, spend...but my Canadian ass KNOWS for a fact that most people can get by on waaay less than $22K/month!

Fuck, what's this guy doing?  Wipin' his ass with twenty dollar bills or something?  Like, budget your shit better, dude!

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