Man Has Heart Attack Eating at "Heart Attack Grill" Restaurant

The irony was not so delicious for this poor SOB who suffered a heart attack while eating a "Triple Bypass Burger" at a restaurant in Sin City called, The Heart Attack Grill.

He started "having the sweats and shaking" says "Nurse" Bridgett (they give their waitresses fake nurse titles - WTF right?  The manager is known as "Doctor" Jon Basso.)  The sexy fake nurse also said that even though he was "suffering", all anyone really did was take pictures of the poor guy!  She said tourists prob thought it was a publicity stunt.

Thankfully the guy is all right and at the very least maybe next time he'll think twice about how fucking awesome a burger from a place where the slogan is a "Taste Worth Dying For" would hit the spot.

For those of you in or around Vegas who want to try to cheat death the restaurant is located dowtown and boasts a menu of butterfat milkshakes, unfiltered cigs, flatliner Fries and of course four burgers ranging from the single bypass burger to the quadruple bypass burger.  Oh and if you're over 350 lbs you get to eat free!!! HAZZAH!!!

Heart attacks for everyone!!!

Image Via www.chicktalkdallas.com

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