Chris Brown Takes a Break from Douching Up Twitter to Go to Rihanna's Birthday

Chris Brown is such a douche!  Not only on Twitter but in interviews, while doing GMA, during other people's high profile birthday parties...I could go on and on...

Sure, he just won a Grammy - which he then tweeted was the "Ultimate Fuck You" to his haters (he's since removed the tweet - classy!) - and apparently the women of the world care more about his sexy swagger than his violent tendencies, but he's still totally damaged goods in the court of public opinion...

The one person that has forgiven him may be the only one he gives a shit about anyway...it's his victim - Rihanna.

The supersexy singer just had her birthday party and guess who was on the guest list???  Fisty McBeaterson, that's who!

Supposedly, Brown did not want anyone to know he was partying it up with his vic so he tried to get his handlers to obtain confidentiality agreements from all the other partygoers...

The fuck?

His people did get most of the signatures but not all and TMZ caught wind of the incident today.

Meh, it's her life.  It's more her place to forgive than ours...but for us I feel like it's just too hard to forget that he did this!  While screaming in her face that he "had nothing to lose" (which it turns out he pretty much didn't - sad.)

It's still hard to swallow...

On a lighter note check out her cake!  It's her riding a huge blunt lol - gangsta bitch!

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