Paris Hilton Made $1.3 Billion in 6 Years

Damn, bitch!  'SALOTTAMONEY!!!  

Ugh, just look at her shopping in that new pic up there, all DAAAMMNNN, I am one rich motherfucker!, pretending she's not all single-white-female-ing Kim Kardashian with the hair.

You is NO KIM K, honeychild!     

UsWeekly is reporting that Paris Hilton, part of the one percent since conception, is worth more than some small countries at a cool $1.3 billion - and ho did it in 6 years!  Best thing I've done in the past 6 years is manage to not kill my cat, The Judge.  (Editor's Note:  Wittle piece of angel food cake!!!)

Anyways, other than being an amateur porn star and mad coke head, she credits 35 stores, 17 product lines, a racing team, 14 perfumes, a shitty album and more recently a chain of something called the Paris Hilton Beach Club with bulking up her overpriced silk Chanel pockets.

I have never bought a Paris product (I'd sooner shoot myself in the face) but I did watch The Simple Life when that funny smartass Nicole Richie was on it...

...and now I just feel SO DIRTY!  

Image Via www.stylefizz.com

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