Nene Leakes Talks Glee and Gregg - VIDEO

Silk AKA Linnethia "Nene" Leakes in her stripping days

Ugh!  Whenever I hear Nene screeching on Housewives it reminds me of those chicks on Maury Povich yelling and screaming their fool heads off about their baby daddy's and what not...

I am starting to feel bad for her though - she thinks her "angry black woman" schtick is going to make her a movie star and that's gonna be one hell of a wake up call when it doesn't happen.  I actually think the only thing her bad behaviour will warrant her is a spot in the Jill Zarin Myassgotfired camp.  She wants it bad though, I'll give her that.

Oh and PS - I gotta ask, what the hell is she talking about with those acting gigs?  IMDB is some pretty accurate shit and they don't list any of those acting jobs...although I guess Nene isn't exactly known for telling the truth...

Rich bitch my ass.

Image Via www.straightfromtheea.com

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